A writing week

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Well, we are officially now On Holiday. Although my Darling Husband told me he’d booked a cottage in the Peak District, this proved not to be the case. He then told me it was the Yorkshire Dales… and when we finally arrived it turned out to be Cumbria. But it’s very small and cosy, with red squirrels and bunnies in the garden. It’s nice to watch the wildlife outside, being much busier than us inside. Being the north of England, it’s also been drizzling pretty much the whole time, on and off.

With nothing to do but write (and relax, and other things), my poor novel is actually getting kick started. Six thousand words and counting… And a lot of cookies. We have a big tin of American-style chocolate-chip cookies that I made before we left home, and we’re gradually eating our way through them at a pace that certainly isn’t healthy. Still, if we run out of cookies, we can move on to the chocolate-chip muffins. These were not entirely successful, as all the chocolate chips sank to the bottom, but they’re very nice eaten warm, with milk.

I’m finding that even when you have a plan, your story doesn’t necessarily stick to it – certain scenes need to be moved around, either earlier or later. I’m also not giving in to the temptation to edit as I go. I’m at the stage of just get the thing written. Then I can go back and pull it apart. Besides, something I’ve observed before is that sometimes your best writing happens when you just put your head down and go for it. If you think about it too much, it ends up feeling stiff and contrived.

I’m also really seeing the benefit of my lovely new laptop. 16MB of RAM and an i7 processor really makes a difference. If I want to know whether cane guns are a thing (they are), then I can find out in seconds, rather than waiting for half a minute or so for the page to load. Much less wasted time, much more actual writing. Plus, I just like fancy tech. Some women like to wander around clothes shops with no real intention of buying anything; I like to wander around computer shops. Not that I’m any kind of expert – I just like gadgets. It’s my luxury: I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and swearing’s free.

So, I’ve got one corpse, my two protagonists have met each other, and we can go on from there. Onwards and upwards…

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