My name is Theophania Katharine Elliott, but you can call me Tiffany.

I love to read, something that has been a matter of some exasperation to my family ever since they taught me to do it. It has been said that I will read anything, down to and including toffee papers and the back of cornflake packets.

My favourite genre is fantasy, especially urban fantasy – and I recently discovered Steampunk (wow!). But I also read sci-fi, detective stories, or, indeed, anything else.

I am also writing¬†a novel. Or novels. It’s gradually getting there, and hopefully it will be finished in the next year or so. We’ll see.

Outside of books, I enjoy clay-pigeon shooting (though I think there is far too much sky and not enough clay) and sewing (my husband likes stepping on pins – it’s a like a cross between acupuncture and reflexology, only free); I used to enjoy karate when I had time (I was bad at it).


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