And the prize for idiocy goes to…


I’ve had an Audible subscription for several years, and always struggled to find enough audiobooks to buy. This is because, historically, I’ve been a purely print (ebook) reader. I like to see the words – otherwise they don’t seem quite real. Definitely a visual learner!

So I’ve steered away from audiobooks I didn’t already own in print – I’ve mostly been using my Audible subscription to buy books so that I can ‘re-read’ old favourites while doing household chores. The first time I bought an audiobook I hadn’t already read in print was one in a long-running series, so I already knew all the characters. And that didn’t go too badly. I followed the story quite nicely. 🙂

And I’ve just recently (as in today) realised that… well, I can do that again! Those books that I’m waiting for the Kindle prices to drop so I can justify buying them? Well, I can get the audio versions with my mostly-still-unused subscription!

Wow. Who knew?

Now I’m off to go and listen to some books…

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