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Yesterday, I found Awful Library Books, which is a site run by two American librarians whose mission in life is to expose to the shrinking eyes of the reading public the horrors that either await them on library shelves, or which have been removed by heroic librarians, fearless in the service of readers everywhere. Just so you know.

Like TV Tropes, it’s the kind of site that sucks you in. Page after page of books that have been hiding on library shelves, unloved, unread, and unseen, for forty years or more. Books from the 1970s, full of strange things to make out of tin cans or ring-pulls. Books that are just plain strange. Or that have had strangeness thrust upon them in the form of mould or pets.

When they say “everyone has a book inside them”, probably they mean these books. Either literally, in the case of books that have been partially eaten, or figuratively, in the case of the books that make you think… “A publisher published that? Why?”

I find it strangely heartening. After all, if someone can get Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself published, surely there must be hope for me?

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3 thoughts on “Awful Library Books

  1. Theophania Elliott Post author

    mjoshim – Thanks! 🙂

    Angela – I don’t blame you; it’s a bit like Castrovalva (the Dr Who novel). Just as you think you’ve managed to escape, you realise you’re actually heading back in….

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