Gun control

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I love guns. I love shooting.

However, I have trouble figuring out why a person who is not in the army, or any kind of reserve force, would need an assault rifle. Setting aside the lack of huge carnivorous beasts in most towns, even were you to go out hunting huge carnivorous beasts, an assault rifle would probably not be the appropriate weapon.

Assault rifles are for killing lots of people in a short amount of time. That is what they are designed to do; it is their sole purpose and they fulfill it very well.

As has been demonstrated.

President Obama needs to put the following simple proposition before the American people:

One of the two following situations is true:

1. The American people are against schoolchildren being murdered in job lots. Therefore, they will introduce tighter controls on those weapons that make it easy for people to do this. This will include not allowing private citizens to own fully-automatic weapons without a pressing and immediate reason (or at all).

2. The American people do not wish for tighter gun control, and are happy to accept that the murder of job lots of schoolchildren is an inevitable consequence of allowing easy access to fully-automatic weapons. The lives of American schoolchildren are less important than an adult American citizen’s right to own fully-automatic weapons, the sole purpose of which is killing lots of people very quickly.

These are the only options. Of course, a person who is determined enough can obtain an illegal weapon – but the school and workplace shootings that are so common in America are usually done with legal weapons owned by the shooter, or the shooter’s relatives. Restricting the availability of legal fully-automatic weapons would at least mean that it would be more difficult to go on a killing spree on impulse.

Increasing access to free and low cost medical care so that those with mental health needs get the care they require would be an added bonus.

Requiescat in pace.

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