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Unseemly Science
Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unusually for a second book in the series, I think this one was even better than the first.

Elizabeth Barnabus is living a double life, both as herself and as her male twin. The events of Book 1 are still having an effect – although Elizabeth now owns her boat free and clear, she has also come to the negative attention of the authorities…

Unseemly Science follows Elizabeth as she attempts to solve a mystery relating to the ice farmers (an excellent concept!) and avoid legal threats to her liberty at the same time. And somebody seems to be following her…

And why is the Patent Office so interested in the Bullet Catcher’s Handbook anyway?

One might also ask why the young Patent Office official from the previous book seems so interested in Elizabeth personally, but one would probably get a pitying look if one did. I look forward to seeing how that one plays out…

One thing I like about this trilogy is that Elizabeth is very much not in control of events. Even when she thinks she is, things have a habit of turning around on her. She is almost powerless in the face of her enemies, and much of the time, pretty much all she can do is dodge one bullet at a time. She knows she is in danger, and this gives the books what I think is a realistic feeling of threat: this is not the kind of book where the underdog suddenly develops amazing powers of strategy and a host of allies to take her from being at the bottom of the pile to being a series threat to the powers-that-be. Elizabeth is not a threat: she is continually one step away from getting squashed flat. However, she has something that powerful people want – but what is it?

I shall now go and acquire the next book in the series – The Custodian of Marvels – to see how the trilogy plays out.

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