The Gentle Art of Procrastination

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That is what I have been doing all week (or more), and that is why I haven’t been posting anything but ‘Thought for the Day’.

Procrastination is when you have a task you know you are going to have to do, but you keep putting it off and putting it off, and doing other things instead just so you can say you’ve been ‘too busy’. It’s ultimately self-defeating, because you still have to do the unpleasant task, and by the time you do, you have to do it in a hurry.

Or, if you are an advanced procrastinator (like me), you know that The Job is quite important, so you can’t do anything less important in front of it in the queue. Which means that everything gets backed up behind The Job. You’ve no idea how backed up I am at the moment… 🙁

Still, I have now done The Job and life should get back to normal. I can stop obsessively doing all the ironing, and fiddling with my brand-new iPhone 5 (which absolutely had to be set up exactly right as a matter of urgency, you understand).

I shall now go and enter all the other (backed up) tasks on a List. There are now so many of them that I need to get them pinned down where they can’t wriggle around and multiply. They’re worse than rabbits, I tell you, and a lot less fluffy.

Of course, the Making Lists is also a technique in the advanced procrastinator’s armamentarium; one can spend so much time making lists, and then Lists of Lists, that one doesn’t actually have time to do any of the tasks on any of the lists…

You just can’t win…

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