Tips for Writers


Twitter for AuthorsA (relatively) short and easy guide for authors new to Twitter. Why and How to do it!


Common Writers’ Mistakes: The more books you read, the more times you run across the same mistakes – often things that “everybody knows” that turn out to be wrong. The problem is that although many of them are easily fixed by doing the research, you won’t do the research unless you know you need to… This is a list of some that I’ve come across over the years.

Writing Women in Traditionally Male Roles: Men and women are different. A woman warrior isn’t just a man with breasts – writing a convincing female character in a role that is usually performed by a man means trying to get the hang of how women react differently to men in the same situations, and often how a woman fits into a primarily male social environment without either removing her femininity or going the other way and making her a caricature. I don’t have answers – but I do have lots of questions. 🙂



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