Wake of the Bloody Angel, by Alex Bledsoe.

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Wake of the Bloody Angel

Wake of the Bloody Angel

Eddie LaCrosse is back, as tough and laconic as in previous books. This time, his client is his landlady, Angelina, about whom we know very little, except that she has a Past. Angelina engages Eddie to find her lover who turned to piracy many years ago and may or may not be dead, and who may or may not have a fortune in gold.

Eddie’s investigation takes him to faraway towns, to unwilling witnesses, and finally to see along with a crew of pirates turned pirate-chasers (hooray – here is a book in which pirates are criminal scum).

Before Eddie reaches the end of the trail, he’ll find out a few things that he didn’t want to know along with the things he did, and have to work out which of those things he should tell and which he should keep to himself. He also has to think about the consequences of catastrophic youthful mistakes (of which, if you have read the previous books, you know he made at least one himself) and when, if ever, it is right to acknowledge that someone screwed up, and then move on, rather than to hold it against them forever.

You don’t have to have read the previous novels in the series to enjoy each one individually, but it does help.

If you like fantasy and hardbitten-PI novels, then you’ll be in heaven here – the Eddie LaCrosse novels are a mix of the two; narrated by Eddie, it’s like Philip Marlowe, but with more swords.

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